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Tilmati Beach

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St. Xavier Church, Chandavar

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Where you can stay in Karwar                                                  Karwar STD : 08382

Sl No.

Name of the Hotel

Telephone No


Type of accommodation



Devbag Island Resort


Log huts


JLR picks up guests and take them to the resort by boat


Riveredge Paradise Resort,





14 Kms from Karwar towards Kadra – SH 95



Hotel Bhadra

225212, 213

Suites, A/c. Non A/c Rooms

3 Kms from Busstand


Hotel Sadanand, Chendia

273033 , 034

Suites, A/c, Non A/c rooms

8 Kms from Karwar


Great Out Doors, Kurumgad Island



Boat from Kodibag


Hotel Navratna


Suites, A/c, Non A/c rooms

1 km from Bus stand


Anashi Nisarga Dhama


Tents with / without attached bath

40 Kms from Karwar towards Joida


Gokarn International, Gokarn



2 Kms from Bus stand


Om Beach Resort, Gokarn


A/c Suites

2 kms from Gokarn towards Om beach


Hotel OM, Gokarn


A/c, Non A/c rooms

Near Bus Stand


Hotel New Prasad Nilay, Gokarn


A/c, Non A/c rooms

Near New Bus Stand


Hotel Pandurang International, Kumta

621538, 539

A/c, Non A/c rooms

On NH 17 near Bus stand


Tagore Beach, Karwar

The district headquarters and a port town is superb in its scenic beauty. The crescent shaped ‘Tagore Beach’ can match any beach in the world.   It has also a recreational park, colourful music fountain, Toy train, Planetorium, an aquarium to add to its attraction. River Kali joins and forms ‘sangam’ at the end of the beach. To view sun set on the bridge across River Kali is an unforgettable experience.

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Nearby places to visit: Devbag (8Kms), Shantadurga Temple, Sadashivagad (6 Kms). Nandiwad (10Kms). Guddalli Peak (Trekking- 6 kms), Tilmati Beach (10   Kms)

Connectivity: 110 Kms from Panjim (Train & Road NH) . 168 Kms from Hubli (Road NH) 270 Kms from Mangalore ( Train & Road NH)

C1aDevbagBeach.gif (26569 bytes)Nearby places to visit:  Shantadurga temple, Sadashivgad. (4 Kms)

Connectivity:  8 Kms from Karwar via Devbag village. 3 kms on boat.     104 Kms from Panjim (Train & Road NH) . 174 Kms from Hubli Road


7 Kms from Karwar it is located near the confluence of  River Kali. It is a picturesque island fringed with casuarina groves. Approach is mainly through boat from Kodibag jetty. Jungle Lodges & Resorts provides unique experience of living in Log huts. Ensures wonderful privacy not normally seen in tourist spots. JLR provides scuba diving experience too. Various water sports is also being planned which would make the stay more entertaining.

Shejjeswar Temple, Shejwad

4 Kms from Karwar, Shejwad boasts of a thousaqnd year old ancient temple of Shejjeswar or Siddeswar. The temple is said to be one of the five temples of Gokarna mythology where pieces of Atmalinga which Ravan was carrying, fell; the other four being Gokarn, Murudeswar, Dhareswar and Gunavanteswar. Devotees visit the temple in thousands on Mahashivaratri day

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Shanta Durga temple, Sadashivagad

Sadashivagad is situated at 6 Kms from Karwar on the northern bank of River Kali. Crossing the magnificent  Kali bridge you reach Sadashivagad, a place of historical importance. There are ruins of old fort of Sonda kings. Midway on the Sadashivagad hill is the 600 yrs old Shantadurga Temple, known for its serenity. From the peak of the hill, the view of the sun setting in the Arabian sea, is an experience in itself. There is also a 17th century Darga which attracts a lot of Muslim pilgrims. A Yatri nivas is being built on top of the hill by Dept. of Tourism

Nearby places to visit: Devbag (4Kms), Karwar (6 Kms NH)

Connectivity: 110 Kms from Panjim. 168 Kms from Hubli (Road NH) 270 Kms from Mangalore ( Train & Road NH)

Kurumgad Island

4 Kms from Karwar shore is the Kurumgad island.  There is Narasimha temple atop the hill in the island where an annual fair takes place. Scores of boats ply to the island on that day. The island is a private island.  The owner is running a resort called The Great Outdoors in the island. It is a wonderful picnic spot and could get experience of a lifetime if one could stay

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Guddalli Peak

6 Kms from Karwar, located at 1800 feet above sea level, the peak gives a panoramic view of the Karwar and the sea. Extremely cool round the year, it was a summer resort for the British.  It is one of the highest peaks of Haiderghat range which stretches east and west between Kali river and Belikeri river and joins the Kaiga range at Kaiga. Guddehalli raises conspicuous for miles, an abrup sheet of granite with thickly wooded sides and a bare tapering point. A five kilometre trekking through mountain jungle crossing brooks and springs, takes you to this spot. The trek itself is a bonanza of enthralling experience.

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Katyayani Temple, Aversa

About 8 kms north of Ankola, 25 Kms from Karwar, Aversa has a famous Katyayani Temple. The distinct feature of this temple is that the shrine is in the shape of a ship.  It is family godess of Kharvis, a fishermen clan. The image of godess is said to have been found in the sea. The godess is worshipped with great solemnity during the nine nights of ‘Navarathri’ which precede ‘Dussera’ in October. Besides Kharvis the festival is solemnly attended by many dancing-girls and Konkanis.

Belekeri Beach

Moving towards Mangalore from Karwar on the National Highway, you have to take a deviation after 22 kms and proceed 4 kms to reach Belekeri Beach. You will not regret the detour. The vast grass lawn suddenly drops by 50’ to the beach providing a wonderful view of the sea. The land is surrounded by picturesque mountains. Watching sunset in the evening you would never like to leave the place

Nearby places to visit:Katyayani Temple, Aversa (10Kms)

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Connectivity: 110 Kms from Panjim (Train & Road NH) . 168 Kms from Hubli (Road NH) 270 Kms from Mangalore ( Train & Road NH)

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Connectivity: 51 Kms from Karwar (Road NH) Detour at Madanageri 150 Kms from Hubli (Road NH) 220 Kms from Mangalore (Train & Road NH). Railway station is 5 Kms from Gokarn. Only passenger trains stop at this station



Gokarna a very popular pilgrimage is known as Dakshina Kashi. Mythology says, Ravana kept the Athmalinga down on the ground against the instructions and could not lift it again. Hence the belief that Gokarn is Lord Shiva’s permanent abode. Kotitheertha is the holy pond near the temple. Devotees usually take bath in the pond before they enter the temple for pooja. Work of Cleaning up of the pond  is being taken up.

Nearby places to visit:

Om Beach (10Kms) Yana (36 Kms) Mirjan Fort (18 Kms)


Om Beach

The Om Beach, named because of its shape, is 11 kms from Gokarn. Foreign tourists because of its seclusion and the privacy it offers regularly throng it. Adjacent to this beach are Half Moon beach and Paradise beach. Kudle beach is an other beach nearby which is popular with foreigners.

Connectivity: A 9 Kms motorable road from Gokarn takes you to the beach.

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28 Kms from Kumta and 65 Km from Sirsi, Yana is a nature’s wonder. Known for two gigantic rock formations of a height of 90 and 120 meters called Mohini Shikhara and Bhairaveshwara Shikhara. Encircled by thickly wooded forest, it is a trekker’s paradise.  You can eliminate your fatigue by bathing in the beautiful cascades coming down the hill. Bhaireshwar temple, and a cave inside the rock formation are added attractions

Connectivity: 18 Kms from NH, You can reach Yana by taking a deviation from NH towards Sirsi. An other approach is from Sirsi. You may have to carry food and beverages since no eating joints are available

Alvekodi Beach

Almost touching the Kumta town, towards south is Alvekodi village. One has to go through the fields to reach the beach. The beach is truly pristine, unspoilt. The white sand dazzles in the sun. Nearby is the Bhrahma devara gudda, with dilapidated old lighthouse. The hillock is a great picnic spot offering memorable sunset view

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Dhareswar is about 8 kms south east of Kumta. On the hill slope is Mahadev temple, said to be around 800 years old. There are four inscribed tablets in the temple. It appears that the construction of  temple was started by Rudroji Pandit and completed by Sonappa somewhere between 1500 and 1559. The temple is built of black stone and its walls are ornamented with sculptures. Round the temple are 5 holy pools, Rudra kund, Chakra, Shankh, Vasudha and Nagatirth. A fair is held every year in the middle of January

St. Francis Xavier Church, Chandavar.

Chandavar once a big city, is said to have been built by a Muslim King Sarpan Malik (apparently Sherif-ul-Mulk   a General of Bijapur Kingdom). The city declined during the later part of 17th century. St. Francis Xavier Church is a large  Roman Catholic Church is held in great veneration by local populace of all communities. The original church of St. Francis Xavier is recorded to have been built in 1678 during the reign of Basappa Nayak of Keladi Nayak dynasty. The church was destroyed in the end of 18th century which is attributed to Tippu Sultan, and was rebuilt in 1801. The church was rebuilt a second time in 1874. The old church, though an imposing edifice was judged to be beyond  normal repairs, and so a new church was built in the area adjacent to the old church.

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