North kanara District plays an important role in the Fisheries Development of the State.The District is having 162kms of Costal lengths  and roughly  having 10 – 11000 square Kms.of continental shelf area  which is very good potential area for fishing & Fish productions and  the coast of North Kanara District is very much famous for “Mackerel  Fisheries”. The average fish Production of the District is around 25,076 mt. worth   of notional value of Rupees 66 crores. Apart from this the District too is having very good Inland fisheries resources comprising  of 4 Reserviors; 76 Major Tanks and 925 Minor Tanks  and also the River  flow  in the District viz. Kali, Aganashini, Gangavali, Sharavati and Venktapura Rivers provides good scope for Fisheries Development . The District is known for  Brackish water  Fish  Farming having  3868  ha.of Brackish water area  which gives immence scope and potential for the shrimp production  and also  provides good Employment opportunities. Thus, as a whole the North kanara Disrict is playing pivotal role in Fish production and as well Socio Econimic upliftment of the Fishermen by providing Employment opportunities contributing considerable amount of  G.D.P. to the  State Economy.


There are about 1,09,087 Fishermen in the District of which  50,284 Fishermen are actively  Engaged in  Fisheries  activities. The District possess  18,348 Traditional Boats viz., Dugout Canoes, 2,396  Mechanized Boats Comprising of various types viz., 133 purse-seine Boats, 738 Trawlers, 1,455 Gill netters and 70 Others mechanized Boats  Engaged in harvesting different  Species of Fish, Prawns ,Squids etc., by using  various types of Gears (Fishing nets)    


North Kanara District Co-operative Fish Marketing Federation Ltd. Karwar has successfully implemented the “Integrated  marine Fisheries development  Project”   with the aids of  National Co-operative Development Corporation funds of  Rs.11.02Crores.  With the implementation of this Scheme, the Socio economic improvements of the traditional Fishermen and the infrastructural Development programmes have been made good.



The District is having a Major Fishing harbour at Karwar & Honnavar and medium Fishing harbour at Tadadi and Minor Fishing harbour at Belekeri, Constructed under various projects and Schemes of the Government provides good scope for Marine fisheries activities of the District. There are about 16 Fish Landing Centers in the District, and they also provide facilities for sheltering Boats and fisheries activities. Under “Naval Sea Bird Project” The District Administration has constructed a fishing Harbour at Amdalli village Karwar Taluk for the benefit of the rehabilitated  fishermen.


The District is having a total No.101 Fisheries Link Roads with their length of 95.60 Kms. The State Government is improving these roads in a phased manner with the State funds and as well with the assistance of NABARD, RIDF.  


The District is having 42 Fishermen Co-operative Societies in which 6 are Fisherwomen Co-operative Societies of which 41 Fishermen Co-operative Societies are functioning at present.


The Brackish Water Fish Farmers Development Agency was established in the District under the kind patronage of Govt. of India.  The said Agency registered under the   Karnataka Cooperative Registration Act 1960 is functioning since 1987 with the funds of state and Government of India for the development of Brackish Water area of the District to encourage and enhance specially prawn production. As at present 295 prawn farmers with the genuine license obtained from the Aquaculture Authority of India have developed 1550ha.Of Brackish Water area under semi intensive prawn production technology. Apart from this, traditional prawn farming is going on in 1600ha.of Brackish Water area. The overall and average Brackish Water prawn farming   production of the District is around 2785m.tonne.Which as contributed considerable employment and economy in rural areas of the District.



The Fishermen welfare programme to provide Houses for the fishermen who are houseless and   possess sites and dwelling in huts being given the preference. Housing programmes have been taken up both under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme and under MathsyAshraya Scheme. 436 No. of  Houses have been  constructed  and completed under the C.S.S. with the total cost of Rs.126.14 Lakhs and 1001& 410 Nos. of   houses have  been completed under I and II  phase of Mathsy Ashrya Scheme with the Total cost of Rs.3.003Crores now,  520 No. of houses have been  sanctioned with the Total cost of Rs.2.08Crores under III rd  phase of  Mathsy Ashraya Scheme which is in  different stages of progress in the District.  There is  still good  Demand for housing  programme  for the fishermen in the District   where in the  beneficiaries lists are being updated  from  time to time by the Department  of Fisheries.


TheFishermen while engaged  in Fisheries activities if died,  permanently or partially disabled due toNatural calamities and other reasons is eligible forRs.1,00,000/- and Rs.50,000/- respectively as compensations paid  to their near dependents & to the   beneficiary respectively. This compensations is being paid through “ MATSYAFED”. New Delhi  for which the State Govt. is fully bearing the premium amount of   fishermen members of fishermen co-operative societies of the State.


The State Government under the Fishermen Distress relief fund scheme  is also  providing Rs.50000/- to the dependent of the  fishermen who dies while engaged  in fisheries activities and Different scales of amount being  granted  if the fishermen, looses nets and other equipments while  engaged in fisheries  activities.


Marine Aquarium at Karwar was constructed under theWestern Ghat Development Programme by the Department of Fisheries with the Total cost of Rs25.00lakhs with the aim of providing awareness and knowledge about the fish among  the general public and children specially. It also provides entertainment and Educate the public which is good from the point of view of “Mind and Health” Development. Now, the Marine Aquarium being maintained by the Zilla Panchayat Karwar.


In North Kanara  Yallapura, Mundgod, Haliyal, Sirsi,Siddapura, Joida  taluks are  having very good Inland Fisheries  resources viz. Rivers, Reservoirs,Tanks and Ponds in which quality fish Seeds are being stocked for the Development of Inland Fisheries resources  in order to  produce  proteinacious  rich food  and provide employment and  economy in  these rural area.


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