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Karavali Utsav 2016



Karavali in Kannada means coastal area. Karwar being a coastal area has its own culture and traditions which are followed since many years. KaravaliUtsav/festival is a 3 decades old festival of this coastal district of Karnataka. This festival is organized by District Administration every year in the district. This festival brings unity within people as this brings the people together during the festival season. Though it’s started in the coastal area, this has been spread to all talukas of this district in due course. Uttara kannada is one of the biggest district of Karnataka with 11 talukas. This district is gifted with great natural beauty including rivers, mountains, waterfalls, serene beaches, wild life reserve, etc.
KaravaliUtsav will be held from 10th to 12th December 2016 at District Head Quarters & at Talukas. Schedule of events can be accessed over the link mentioned below. In addition to various cultural & entertainment programs various activities are arranged this year also to attract not only Kannadigas but also people from the neighboring states. The tourists visiting the district can enjoy the scenic beauty of the places around in addition to participating in the cultural, entertainment activities of the Utsav. Major tourist attraction of the district more..

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