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KGSC (Sakala) Karnataka Guarantee of Services to Citizens Act, 2011 is a bill passed by the Karnataka State Legislature in 2011, to provide guarantee of services to the citizens of Karnataka state within the stipulated time limit for citizen related services as mentioned in the schedule. According to this Act, the designated officers who fails to provide citizen related services (services coming under the GSC Act) to the citizens within the stipulated time as mentioned in this Act shall be liable to pay the compensatory cost to the citizen in accordance with the provisions of this Act. As per the GSC Act, those citizens, whose application is rejected or who has not received the service within the stipulated time, may file an appeal (Appeal I) to the competent officer within the time limit as mentioned in the Act. In case of an applicant aggrieved with the order by the competent officer, the citizens may file a second appeal to the appellate authority within the specified time limit.
The designated officers on receiving the service request by the citizens shall enter the request in the GSC system or in the respective department’s system and the acknowledgement slip along with the GSC number will be generated and shall be handed over to the citizen. The GSC system has also the Mobile service request entry facility which helps the officers to enter the service request by sending an SMS. Similarly, the officers can update the result of the service request by sending an SMS. The officers can also view the pendency reports by sending an SMS.