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Tourism Locations in HONNAVAR Taluka

Photograph Location
Idgunji Idgunji : The famous MahaGanapathi temple can be seen. The idol is two headed and short in stature and in a standing posture which is installed, according to the legend by sage Narada and Patronised by several dynasties. This ancient temple has a red sand stone image of Ganapathi.

Distance ::   Karwar - 120 Kms, Honnavar - 15 Kms
Apsarakonda Apsarakonda : A place of rare natural beauty with water falls, hills and caves, where "Apsaras" the heavenly fairies uded to come for their bath.

Distance ::   Honnavar - 6 Kms
Nagara Bastikeri Nagara Bastikeri : Situated on bank of river Sharavati the old town of Gerusoppa also called as NAGAR BASTIKERI is rich with historical monuments, the Chaturmukha basti being the most prominent one. It is a beautiful structure built in Vijayanagar style with Chaturasara plan. It has four entrances from four directions leading to garbhagrihas. There are four images of Tirthankaras, Vrishabha, Ajita, Sambhava and Abhinandan, seated in padmasana. One of this has been of late damaged. The engravings in this basti of dwarapalas and other mural desigtns are well executed with refinement.
  Other Places to see : Gunavanthe Temple, Chathurmukha Basadi, Basavaraja Durga, Rama Teertha, Honnavara beach, Kasaragod beach.