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Tourism Locations in SIRSI Taluka

Photograph Location
Banavasi Madhukeshvara Temple, Banavasi : It is the synthesis of the Kadamba, Kalyana, Chalukya and Hoysala architectural styles. The Madhukeshwara temple at Banavasi has monolithic Asthana Mantapa and Triloka Mantapa which are shining example of Sonda architecture. The stone cot with the canopy borne on Dravidian pillars is a beautiful piece of art. At present the Governement is holding a Annual Festival Kadambotsava every year.

Distance ::   Bengaluru - 575 Kms, Karwar - 100 Kms, Sirsi - 22 Km
Marikamba Shri Marikamba Temple, Sirsi : The 16th century Shri. Marikamba Temple enshrines a wooden deity, that is believed to have found in a tank. The temple has a cart festival once in two years.

Distance ::   Bengaluru - 450 Kms, Karwar - 120 Kms
  Shivaganga Falls : Where the gushing water of Sonda plunges from a hight of 74mts into a valley covered with evergreen foliage.
Bennehole and Kumbri Falls: Both these waterfalls, situated 35Kms from Sirsi, are the one of the beautiful falls of the district. This waterfalls falling from a hight of 250 feets attracts both adventuress and tourists.
Sahasra Linga Sahasra Linga : Thousands rock lingas, which are belived to have been engraved by devotees in the course of several generations from the bed of the swirling shalmala river in Sirsi taluka. Originally known as Sahasrahalli. The place is presently surrounded by thick forest.

Distance ::   Sirsi - 15 Km
  Other Places to see : Sonde Vadiraja Mat, Swarnavalli Mat.