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Tourism Locations in YELLAPUR Taluka

Photograph Location
Magod Falls Magod Falls : 3 Kms away from the place called Magod and 80 Kms from Karwar are the Magod Falls, a huge tourist attraction. Several special features enhance the enchanting beauty of these falls caused by the river Bedti or Shalmala. The river plungs 108 meters into a rocky vally in two leaps, first in a rapid leap of 60 meters and second in a slower leap 120 meters. After this fall, the river abruptly changes its southern course and flows eastwards. On the opposite side of the falls is the 310 meters high rocky platform where one can enjoy a panoramic view of the falls amidst  evergreen forest surroundings, and also the silvery serpentine course of the river through the mountain ranges. Like most of the west flowing rivers, Bedti is perennial and the falls never go dry.

Distance :: Karwar - 100 Kms, Hubballi - 68 Kms, Yellapur-Sathoddi Falls - 28 Kms
  Other Places to see : Jenukallu Gudda, Kawadi Lake, Sathoddi Falls, Lalguli Falls (15 Kms from Yellapur).