Classifications of Schemes among Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRI’s)

                The 73rd Amendment Act contains provisions for the devolution of powers and responsibilities to Panchayats at the appropriate level with respect to :

(a)     the preparation of plans for economic development and social justice;

(b)     the implementation of scheme for economic development and social justice as may be entrusted to them including those in relation to the matter listed in the Eleventh schedule.

There are 29 items mentioned in the eleventh schedule and they are as follows: -

  1. Agriculture, including agricultural extension.
  2. Land improvements, implementation of land reforms, land consolidation and soil conservation.
  3. Minor irrigation, water management and watershed development.
  4. Animal Husbandry, dairying and poultry.
  5. Fisheries.
  6. Social forestry and farm forestry.
  7. Minor forest produce.
  8. Small scale industries, including food-processing industries.
  9. Khadi, village and cottage industries.
  10. Rural housing.
  11. Drinking water.
  12. Fuel and fodder.
  13. Roads, culverts, bridges, ferries, waterways and other means of communications.
  14. Rural electrification, including distribution of electricity.
  15. Non-conventional energy sources.
  16. Poverty alleviation programme.
  17. Education, including primary and secondary schools.
  18. Technical training and vocational education.
  19. Adult and non-formal education.
  20. Libraries.
  21. Cultural activities.
  22. Markets and fairs.
  23. Health and Sanitation, including Hospitals, Primary Health Centers and Dispensaries.
  24. Family welfare.
  25. Women and child development
  26. Social welfare including welfare of the handicapped and mentally retarded.
  27. Welfare of the weaker sections, and in particular, of the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes.
  28. Public distribution system.
  29. Maintenance of community assets

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The KPAR ACT, 1993 in its schedule II(Pertaining to section 58 & 145), schedule III(Pertaining to section 184) have clearly notified the functions of Grama Panchayats, Taluk Panchayats and Zilla Panchayats respectively. Further the Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Department have issued the official notification No:RDP 121-ZPS 98 dated 16-9-98 and Circular No RDP 121- ZPS 98 dated 28-11-98 assigning specific functions to ZP’s,TP’s and GP’s.

These specific functions are shown a definite budget every year and published under the tittle of ‘Link Document’ to the Main Budget of the State Governments. Classification of schemes is given below, sector wise:  -

Sector Scheme Code ZP, TP, GP Schemes Sector SP, CS, CP Scheme Description
Agricultural Marketing 347500107023 ZP SP Market Infrastructure Scheme
Agriculture-2401 240100102053 ZP CS Accelerated Maize Productions
240100103051 ZP SP Seed Farms
240100104010 ZP SP Agricultural  Farms and  Development Centres
240100108113 ZP CS Mini Mission - II under Technology mission on Cotton
240100108114 ZP SP Drip Irrigation
240100109021 ZP SP Farm releated Activities
240100110004 ZP SP Supply of Crop Estimation Survey Equipments under Crop Insurance Scheme
240100112001 ZP CS National Pulses Development
240100114001 ZP CS Oil Seeds Production Programme (OPP)
240100119103 ZP SP Development of Mushroom
240100800004 ZP SP Agricultural Office Building
240100800132 ZP CS Development of Agriculture under New Macro Management Mode
240100800140 ZP SP Other Agricultural Schemes
240100800143 ZP SP Organic Fertilizers
240200102051 ZP SP District Watershed Development Office - Divisional & Other Establishment
240100107051 TP SP Assistance to farmers
240100109071 TP SP Agricultural Fairs and Exhibitions
Animal Husbandry-2403 240300101061 ZP SP Buildings
240300101073 ZP SP Supply of Drugs, Chemicals & Equipments
240300102275 ZP SP Cattle Breeding Farm
240300101021 TP CS Control of Animal Diseases
240300101071 TP SP Opening of Rural Veterinary Dispensaries and their Upgradation as Taluk Level Dispensaries
240300102279 TP SP Organisation of Sterile/Infertile Live Stock Camps
240300800019 TP CP Enrichment of Straws and Cellulose Waste
Area Development and Other Rural Development Programmes 251500101019 ZP CS DRDA -  Administration Charges
223001197101 GP CS Rehabilitation of  Bonded Labour
250101001103 GP CS Integrated Waste Land Development Programme
250101800007 GP CS Swarna Jayanthi Gram Swarozgar Yojana
250102800001 GP CS Desert Development Programme
250102800002 GP CS Drought Prone Area Development Programme
255101101000 GP CP Integrated Development of Western Ghat Region (100% Centre)
Art & Culture and Library 220500102101 ZP SP Open Air Theaters
220500105004 ZP SP District Library Authorities
Co-operation 242500108017 ZP CP Centrally Sponsored Scheme for Promotion and Development Weaker Section Cooperatives
242500108052 ZP SP Infrastructure facilities to Milk Producing Co-op.Societies for women
242500108053 ZP SP Assistance to Various Co-operative Societies/NCDC Scheme
442500108038 ZP CP Centrally Sponsored scheme of Promotion and Development of Weaker Section Co-operatives
442500108049 ZP SP Share Capital Assistance to Various Categories of Co-operative societies (General-NABARD-NCDC)
442500108072 ZP SP  Share Capital to other cooperatives
547500102160 ZP SP Share Capital to Consumer Cooperatives
642500107555 ZP SP FA to Multipurpose Co-operatives
642500108334 ZP CP Centrally Sponsored Scheme for Promotion and Development of Weaker Section Co-operatives
642500108343 ZP SP Loan Assistance to Various Categories of Co-op. Societies-NCDC
642500108381 ZP SP Loans to Women Cooperatives for construction of common workshed
242500108027 TP SP Financial Assistance to LAMPS for Establishment of Processing Unit
442500796006 TP SP Financial Assistance to LAMPS for establishment of  Processing Units
642500107103 TP SP Special Component Plan for S.Cs
642500796004 TP SP Financial Assistance to LAMPS for Establishment of Processing Units
Employment and Training 223003101001 ZP SP Industrial Training Institutes/Centres
223003101017 TP SP Special Component Plan for Training Programme for SC/ST
Family Welfare Programmes-2211 221100001002 ZP CP District Family Welfare Bureau
221100003003 ZP CP Training of Dadis
221100101001 ZP CP Village Health Guides
221100101002 ZP CP Rural Family Welfare Centres at PHCs
221100101003 ZP CP Rural Sub-Centres (Opened Under Family Welfare)
221100102001 ZP CP Urban Family Welfare Run by State Government
221100104102 ZP CP Rural Family Welfare Centres
221100104103 ZP CP District Family Welfare Bureau
221100104201 ZP SP State Health Transport Organisation
221100105101 ZP CP I.U.D., Vasectomy and Tubectomy
221100105600 ZP SP Transportation of Vaccine  for Regional  District Stores
221100105700 ZP SP Supply of Drugs under Family Welfare and Pulse Polio Immunisation
221100106002 ZP CP Publicity and Propoganda
221100108002 ZP SP Executive Establishment - IPP3
221100108008 ZP SP Continuation of Health Centres under CHCs created under IPP-VIII
221100200001 ZP CP District Level Post-Partum Programme
Fisheries-2405 240500001072 ZP SP  Construction and maintenance of Fisheries buildings and facilities
240500101023 ZP SP Inland Fisheries Project-NCDC Assistance
240500101054 ZP CS Assistance to Central Fish Farmers Development Agency
240500101065 ZP SP Assistance to take up Fisheries development in Wells and Ponds
240500101072 ZP SP Fish Seed Production, Rearing and Distribution
240500103004 ZP CS CSS Motorisation of Traditional Crafts
240500103015 ZP SP Assistance for Installation of Life Saving Equipments of Fishing Boats
240500105008 ZP SP Assistance of Fish Marketing & Mathsyavahini
240500105053 ZP SP  Subsidy for reconstruction of fish markets and purchase of inputs for marketing  fish
240500800073 ZP SP Exhibitions and Training
440500191003 ZP SP NCDC Assistance for Investment in FCSs
440500800203 ZP SP Construction of Fisheries Link Roads, Bridges & Jetties with NABARD assistance (RIDF)
640500195006 ZP SP Loans to Fishermen Co-operative Societies for implementation of NCDC Assisted Projects
Forest (Including Soil Conservation)-2406 240601070053 ZP SP Buildings
240601102211 ZP SP Social Forestry Project
240601102232 GP SP Vana Samvardhana Yojane
Grants to Panchayat Raj Institutions 251500101009 ZP SP Grants to Panchayat Raj Institutions under EFC Recommendations
251500101010 ZP SP Construction of ZP Office Buildings
251500103001 ZP SP Development Grants to Zilla Panchayat
251500103002 TP SP Development Grants to Taluk Panchayat
251500101018 GP SP Grants to Grama Panchayats (Untied Grants)
Handlooms & Textiles (V & SI)-2851 285100103026 ZP CS Thrift Fund Scheme-Handloom Co-operatives
285100103049 ZP CP Health Package Scheme
285100103055 ZP CP Living-cum-Workshed
285100103072 ZP SP Assistance - Handloom industries
685100108006 ZP SP Infrastructure Facilities to Powerloom Co-operatives
686004190116 ZP SP Conversion of Purchase Tax into Tax Free Loans
Horticulture-2401 240100108218 ZP CS Oil Palm Cultivation  in Potential States
240100108230 ZP SP Central Sector Scheme for Drip Irrigation
240100108235 ZP CP Scheme for Integrated Farming in Coconut for Producitivity/Improvement with the Assistance of Coconut Development Board
240100108271 ZP SP Scheme for Seed Coconut Procurement and Nursery Maintenance
240100119374 ZP SP Publicity and Literature
240100119471 ZP SP Maintenance of horticultural farms
240100119671 ZP SP Horticulture Buildings
240100800223 ZP CS Development of Horticulture under New Macro Management Mode
240100800225 ZP SP Cold Storage Sub-vention
240100119375 TP SP Training to Farmers
240100119376 TP SP Assistance to farmers
Housing 221603102001 TP SP House Sites for Landless
221603101051 GP CS Indira Awas Yojana
221603800003 GP SP Subsidy for Ashraya Scheme in Rural Areas
221603800006 GP SP Prdhana Mantri Gramodaya Yojane
Indian Systems of Medicine & Homeaopathy-2210 221004101101 ZP SP District Hospitals of ISM & H and GIA to Private Hospitals
221004101172 ZP SP Opening and maintenance of hospitals and dispensaries under ISM
221004101176 ZP SP Buildings
221004103002 ZP SP Opening and Maintenance of Unani Dispensaries
221005200009 ZP CP Supply of Home remedy Kits and ISM Drags in Rural Areas
Mass Education-2202 General Education-04 220204200101 ZP SP Office Expenses
220204200400 ZP CP Adult Education through Centrally Recognised Literacy Project & Jana Shikshana Institution
220204200500 ZP SP Jana Shikshana Nilaya
Medical and Public Health Services- Rural Health-2210 221001110234 ZP SP Urban Health Services Schemes
221003101073 ZP SP Maintanance of Health Buildings
221003103072 ZP SP Primary Health Centres (MNP)
221003103073 ZP SP Upgradation of Primary Health Centres - Community Health Centres
221003110001 ZP SP Taluk Level General Hospitals
221003110005 ZP SP PMGY - Strengthening of  PHCs/Sub - Centres
221003110006 ZP SP RIDF Works
221003110051 ZP SP Provision for Ambulances
221003110052 ZP SP Establishmest of Blood Bank
221003110054 ZP SP National T.B. Control Programme
221003110055 ZP SP Mobile Health Units
221003110072 ZP SP X-Ray Facilities to Taluk Hospitals
221003110073 ZP SP Karnataka Health System Development Project
221003800052 ZP SP Repairs to Hospital Equipments
221006101106 ZP SP Mental Health Projects - NMEP, Cholera, Filaria, Control Programmes and KFD
221006101151 ZP SP Prevention & Control of Diseases
221006101405 ZP CP CSS of National Leprosy Control Scheme
221006101601 ZP CP CSS of National Filaria Control Programme
221006101706 ZP CS CSS of Guinea Worm Eradication Scheme
221006101801 ZP CP CSS of National Programme for Prevention and Control of Blindness and Visual Impairment Blindness and Trachoma
421002103101 ZP SP Primary Health Centre Buildings
421002103102 ZP SP Upgradation of Primary Health Centre (Community Health Centres)
421002103103 ZP SP District Health Office Buildings
421002103104 ZP SP District T.B. Centre  Buildings
221003101071 TP SP Strengthening of PHUs - Maternity Homes (Rev)
221003101072 TP SP Establishment of Sub Centres (MNP)
221003800053 TP SP ICDS
221003800054 TP SP School Health Services
221003800058 TP SP Supplies and materials
Minor Irrigation-2702 270201001000 ZP SP Direction and Administration
270201052000 ZP SP Machinery and Equipment
270201101071 GP SP Deepening of Wells and Construction of Tanks
470200101101 GP SP Construction of New Tanks
470200101103 GP SP Restoration of Old & Breached Tanks & De-silting of Tanks
470200101280 GP SP Karnataka Tank Development Project (Jala Samvardhane Yojana Sangha)
470200101401 GP SP Khar Land or Salt Water Exclusion Dams
470200102101 GP SP Ganga Kalyan Schemes
Nutrition-2236 223680800001 ZP SP Women & Child Nutrition Component - P M G Y
223602101051 TP SP Pre-School Children Feeding Programme
Primary and Secondary Education-2202 General Education 220201800113 ZP SP Pusthakalaya,  Improvement of Primary Schools and Pradhan Manthri Gramodaya Yojna
220201800115 ZP SP Primary Schools - NABARD
220201800135 ZP SP Activities to Promote Universalisation of Primary Education - Akshara Dasoha
220201800144 ZP SP Sarva Shiksha Abhiyana Society
220201800149 ZP SP Remuneration to Contract Teachers
220202109077 ZP SP Additions and Alterations
220202110371 ZP SP Private High Schools Completing 7 Years of Existence GIA
220202800105 ZP SP Financial Assistance and Reimbursement of Fees and Vidya Vikasa
220202800110 ZP SP Improvement of  Secondary Schools  Construction ( NABARD)
220205102003 ZP SP Appointment of Hindi Teachers in Non - Hindi Speaking States
220280800016 ZP SP Reimbursement of Fees to Anglo-Indian Students Studying in Standards I to X in the State
220280800051 ZP SP Supply of Materials
420201202101 ZP SP Secondary school buildings including guru sadanas
220201101071 TP SP Primary schools
220201101075 TP SP Additions and Alterations
220201102001 TP SP Elementary Schools - GIA
220201104000 TP SP Inspection
220201109051 TP SP Supply of Free Text Books and Uniforms Transportation and Stitching  Charges - Vidya Vikasa Scheme
220202109072 TP SP High Schools
420201201101 TP SP Primary School Buildings
Roads and Bridges-3054 & 5054 305480001000 ZP SP Direction and Administration
305480052000 ZP SP Machinery and Equipment
305480196102 ZP SP Mukhya Mantri Grameena Raste Abhivrudhi Yojane (Rural Roads)
505404337171 ZP SP Rural communication
505404800173 ZP SP Construction of New Bridges and Culverts and Improvements to existing roads
305404337178 TP SP Asphalting Roads in Village Limits
Rural Employment Programmes 250560101052 ZP CS Sampurna Grameena Rozgar Yojana
Rural Energy Programmes 250104105001 GP CS Integrated Rural Energy Programme
281001101000 GP CP Biogas Development
Rural Water Supply-2215 221501102108 ZP SP Care taker Training Programme
221501102107 GP SP Maintenance of Borewells
221501102275 GP CP Maintenance and repairs of water supply schemes
221501102802 GP CS Sub Mission Project
221501102803 GP SP Pradhana Mantri Gramodaya Yojana
221502105200 GP SP Nirmala Grama Yojane
221502105400 GP SP Pancha Sutra - Swacha Grama
421501102101 GP SP  Rural water supply - NRWS
421501102180 GP SP Integrated Rural Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation Project - Phase II (Danida Assisted)
421501102184 GP SP Integrated Rural Water Supply and Enviornmental Sanitation Project (Jala Nirmala)
421501102271 GP CP Rural Water Supply Scheme-ARWS
Science & Technology - 3425 342560600051 ZP SP Natural Resources Data Management System
Secretariat Economic Services - Dist. Planning Unit-3451 345100102102 ZP SP Executive Establishment of District Planning Committees
345100102103 ZP SP Vehicular Support to CPO's
345100102104 ZP SP Publication of District at a Glance - DES
Sericulture-2851 285100107180 ZP SP Karnataka Sericulture Project - World Bank   Assistance - Phase-II
285100107271 ZP SP Farms
285100107272 ZP SP Advisory services, demonstrations, publicity, audio-visual and demonstration farms
285100107273 ZP SP Training
285100107282 ZP SP Assistance to Sericulturists
285100107275 TP SP Subsidy for construction of raring/reeling  sheds and incentive for bivoltine
Special Component Plan-2225 222501793001 TP CP Lumpsum Grants
222501800001 TP SP Infrastructure development in SC colonies
222501800004 TP SP Assistance to SC families
Sports and Youth Services-2204 220400104006 ZP SP Rural Sports Centres
220400104017 ZP SP Sports Schools
220400104019 ZP SP Organisation of Sports Meet and Rallies and T.A. D.A. to their Participants
220400104020 ZP SP Construction and maintenance of stadia and others
220400104021 ZP SP Sports promotion in rural areas (IEC)
220400800010 ZP SP Grants for Construction of Indoor Stadium and Open Air Theatre
220400800012 ZP SP Financial Assistance to Sports Persons and Wrestlers in Indigent Circumstances
Tribal Sub Plan-2225 222502794001 TP CP Lumpsum Grants
222502796101 TP SP Infrastructure development in ST colonies
222502796104 TP SP Assistance to ST families
Village and Small Scale Industries-2851 285100102072 ZP SP Seminars, Field Days and Exhibitions
285100102087 ZP SP Supply of Improved Appliances - Professional Artisans-Free of Cost
285100200071 ZP SP Apiculture
Watershed Development 240200102007 GP CS Centrally Sponsored Scheme for Reclamation of Saline analine Water Logged Areas
240200102025 GP CS CSS of Soil Conservation in the Catchment of River Valley Project
240200102026 GP CS CSS - National Watershed Development Programme by Watershed Devpt.Dept.
240200102086 GP SP ODA Assisted Watershed Programme KAWAD Project
240200102089 GP SP NABARD Assisted Watershed Development Schemes
Welfare of BCM-2225 222503277102 ZP SP Grant-in-aid to Private Hostels
222503277103 ZP SP Ashram Schools
222503277208 ZP SP Belli Belaku
222503277213 ZP SP Starting of Two Residential Schools for Merited BCM students on Navodhaya Pattern
222503277234 ZP SP Maintenance Charges to be BCM students of Sports School
222503277247 ZP SP Starting and Improvement of Hostels
222503277249 ZP SP New Morarji Desai Residential  School - BC
222503277271 ZP SP Maintenance  Hostels
222503277289 ZP SP Maintenance of Tailoring Training Centres and Starting of New Tailoring Training Centres
222503277293 ZP SP Stipend to Advocates
222503800053 ZP SP Cost and maintenance of buildings
422503277202 ZP CS Construction of Hostels and Residential Schools
222503001001 TP SP Director of Backward Classes  - Executive Establishment
222503277253 TP SP Incentive to Hostellers
222503277272 TP SP Maintenance of Prematric Hostels for Boys and Girls
222503277273 TP SP Scholarships to OBC students
222503277276 TP SP Payment of Extra Boarding & Lodging Charges
222503277288 TP SP Improvement of Prematric and Postmatric Hostels
Welfare of Disabled and Senior Citizens 223502104201 ZP SP Voluntary Organisation for Care of the Old Infirm & Diseased
Welfare of Scheduled Castes 222501001052 ZP SP Executive Establishment
222501277002 ZP SP Contruction of SC/ST Hostel Buildings
222501277024 ZP SP Residential Schools
222501277028 ZP SP Maintenance of college hostels for SC students
222501277044 ZP SP Assistance to Meritorious SC Students
222501277051 ZP SP Navachethana Scheme
222501277060 ZP SP Award of Prize Money to College Students
222501277061 ZP SP Starting and Improvements of Hostels
222501277062 ZP CP Encouragement to  Merit SC students
222501277075 ZP SP Grant-in-Aid to Private Hostels
222501277076 ZP SP New Morarji Desai Residential School - SC Students
222501277077 ZP SP Residential schools for SCs
222501277089 ZP SP Other concessions to SC students
222501800071 ZP CS CSS of Book Banks of Medical and Engineering Colleges
422501277201 ZP CS Construction of Hostel Buildings
422501277204 ZP SP Residential Schools
222501102053 TP SP Supply of Sewing Machines
222501102055 TP SP Other concessions to SC  students
222501277001 TP SP Maintenance of Buildings
222501277054 TP SP Training to new  Graduates
222501277071 TP SP Pre-matric Hostels
222501277072 TP SP Scholarships to SC students
222501277074 TP SP Payment of Extra Boarding & Lodging Charges
222501277078 TP CP Post-Matric Scholarship to Schedule Castes
222501277088 TP CS Prematric Scholarship to the Children of those Engaged in Unclean Occupation
222501800011 TP CS Observance of Untouchability Week.
222501800056 TP CS CSS of Removal of Untouchability
422501800001 TP SP Constructions of Ambedkar Bhawan at Taluka Had Quarters
Welfare of Scheduled Tribes 222502000052 ZP SP Executive Establishment - District Tribal Wefare Office
222502277007 ZP SP Hostels Scholarships and Financial Assistance
222502277023 ZP SP Navachetna Scheme
222502277071 ZP SP Maintenance of hostels for ST students
222502277081 ZP SP Other concessions to ST students
222502277084 ZP CS Construction of SC/ST Government Hostel Buildings
222502800004 ZP CS CSS of Book Bank for ST Medical & Engeneering Students
222502800051 ZP SP Land Acquisition Charges for Burial Ground
422502277201 ZP SP Ashramas and Hostels
422502277202 ZP CS Constructions of Asharams and Hostels
222502277072 TP SP Scholarships to ST students
222502277074 TP SP Payment of Extra Boarding and Lodging Charges to Post Matric Students
222502277077 TP CP Post-Matric Scholarship to Scheduled Tribes
222502277080 TP SP Stipend to Trainees of I.T.Is., and I.T.Cs.
222502277087 TP SP Hostels - Additions & Alterations
Welfare of Women & Children-2235 223502102053 ZP SP Child Welfare
223502102055 TP CP CSS of Integrated Child Development Service
223502102099 TP SP Attendance  Scholarships

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