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Below are the various Tourist spots of the district. You can navigate to each toursit spot details from here.

Clinging to the south western flank of the Indian Peninsula, Uttara Kannada is a tropical paradise redolent with myths and legends. The gift of life to this strip of land between the Arabian Sea and the Wall of Mountains known as the Western Ghats is brought by the monsoons.

The natural luxuriance has filled it’s art forms with a lushness visible in the carvings that embellish the temples and in the gold jewellery that women wear which picks it’s design from seeds, buds, flowers, snake heads and tiger claws. As also in the vibrant costumes of the Yakshagana performers which reflects the colors of nature itself.

Karwar provides a tranquil expanse to discover peace and one’s inner self, the poet Laureate Rabindranath Tagore himself realised that Karwar beach was (a fit place in which to realise the beauty of nature is not a mirage of imagination but reflects the joy of the infinite). This scenic coastal district has 24 beaches which lend themselves beautifully to the worshipers of the sun and sand. With more than 70% of it’s area under forest cover Uttara Kannada is a colourful canvas of nature. The Sahyadri or the Western Ghats with their rich hilly forest tracts picturesque valleys, spectular designs of lofty monolithic rocks.

Karwar is well connected to prominent cities in India through rail (Konkan Railway) and road (National Highway). Ample number of buses ply from the district to various cities including Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Manipal, etc.

ಸಾಥೋಡಿ ಜಲಪಾತ
Sathodi Falls, Yellapur
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

Sathodi Falls is a picturesque rectangular-shaped waterfall in the Western Ghats. Several unknown streams converge near Kallaramane Ghat to become…

Bhimkol, Karwar
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

Bhimkol Lake is located amidst the greenery, making it an attractive destination for nature lovers. This Bhimkol Dam has the…

Magod falls
Magod falls, Yellapur
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

Magod Falls is a popular waterfall in North Canara (Uttar Kannada) district, in Yellapur taluk, on river Bedti. Here, the…

ನದಿಭಾಗ ಬೀಚ್
Nadhibag Beach Ankola
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

A small river Nadibhag reaches the bay with roaring waves and a sway of cool wind along with the canoe…

ಶರಾವತಿ ಹಿನ್ನೀರು
Sharavati Backwater, Honnavar
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

It’s absolutely a hidden gem, offers tourists an awesome experience. Best place to explore green Mangrove forest, beautiful sunset.

Apsarakonda falls
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

Name Apsarakonda is derived from Apsara (angel) and Konda (pond), meaning a pond for angels. May be divine angels used…

Vibhuthi Falls
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

Vibhuthi Falls is located in Achave Gram panchayat, Ankola taluk. The word “Vibhuthi” means limestone. The water in this falls…

Tilmati Beach
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

The sand here looks like black sesame, which is why the beach is named Tilmati. The name comes from the…

Yana, Kumta
Category Historic, Natural / Scenic beauty, Others

Yana is a village located in forests of the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. It is located in the Sahyadri…

Mirjan Fort
Mirjan Fort Kumta
Category Historic, Natural / Scenic beauty

Mirjan Fort is known for its amazing construction skills. Locally available red stone (laterite) has been used for its construction.